16 Jun 2022
by Policy, Practice and Innovation Team

Homecare Association CEO Dr Jane Townson gave her perspective recently on homecare in the UK, in a new podcast.

The Home Health 360 podcast is the show about learning from the best in home healthcare from around the globe.

In episode 21, listeners travel to the UK to take a deep dive into the dynamic of home-based care across the pond.

Tune in as host Jeff Howell sits down with Jane Townson to break down the UK's perspective of home care in terms of digital tools, funding models, data science, and predictive analysis:

https://hubs.la/Q01dGWR40 🎙️ #homehealth360 #homecare #homehealth #homehealthcare #podcast

The podcast was presented by Canadian technology company AlayaCare, which supplies care delivery management software.

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