Workforce development fund

Skills for Care Workforce Development Fund 2023/24 (England Only)

We regret that there is no comparable funding by Skills for Care's equivalent bodies in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Workforce Development Fund 2023/24 is now OPEN for claims

Please read the employer guidance and check the list of funded qualifications to ensure your claim is eligible before submission.

We can only accept claims for funding if your ASC-WDS (NMDS-SC) information has been updated since 01/04/2023. If you require assistance please see the guidance on the WDF requirements for ASC-WDS (NMDS-SC) or contact them on 0113 241 0969. Claims received where the ASC-WDS (NMDS-SC) requirements have not been met will NOT be processed.

Please complete a Cost Summary Sheet for each learner and submit this with the learner's certificate. An Employer Claim Submission Form MUST be fully completed and sent with each batch of claims.

All certificates MUST have a completion date after 01/01/2023.

Send your claims in now to ensure continued funding as the deadline for claims is 28/03/2024.

Downloadable WDF 2023-24 documents:

WDF Terms of accessing

WDF ASC-WDS and WDF requirements 23-24

WDF funded qualifications 23-24

WDF cost summary sheet 23-24

WDF employer claim submission 23-24

WDF employer guide for claiming through a partnership

WDF member's declaration form 23-24


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