12 Jan 2024

Walfinch Oxford Extends Care to a Whole Village

Not content with running a free village art class, Hannah Tomlin from Walfinch home care in Oxford has now followed it up with a soup and roll lunch.

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Hannah started the weekly art and crafts class in the Thomas Hughes Memorial Hall in Uffington, Faringdon, Oxfordshire in the Autumn, and it is now supported by Walfinch. She always provided refreshments and hot drinks, but says: “Now it's getting more wintry, we decided to provide soup and rolls too. It's open to anyone, and the food is free, though we have received some donations in return.”

The soup sessions are proving popular.

“Local villagers are coming in as well as people from the art class, including some people who receive Walfinch care and their carers,” says Hannah, who is a senior carer and the events co-ordinator for Walfinch Oxford. Hannah provides the soup, and Sarah Stanbrook, Operations Manager at the Walfinch office, comes along to support the running of the event.

Hannah says: “Uffington is quite a tightly-knit community and many people know each other well so it's another opportunity for them to get together, which is particularly welcome in winter and especially in the Christmas season.

“It's been advertised in the local parish news, but most people have found out about it because local people have spread the word.”

The lunches have proved popular. Hannah says: “It's been well received. After the first lunch we've had around 15 people attending.

“It gives people something to come out for, particularly in winter when they might have been tempted to stay at home on their own,” says Hannah. “Here they can meet friends and in some cases, new people. “As a carer I know that all of this is good for mental and physical health and wellbeing. Who doesn't feel better for a bowl of warming soup and a chat among friends and neighbours?”

Kam Gill, franchisee Managing Director of Walfinch Oxford, says: “This initiative effectively extends care not just to individuals, but to the whole community in and around Uffington. All of us here are delighted to be involved with this, especially in the festive period.”

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