28 Mar 2024
by The Homecare Association

In the Market Overview 2024, we analyse data published by recognised sources to produce a comprehensive summary of the homecare sector across the United Kingdom.

For each UK nation, we consider topics such as the number of people receiving services, the quantity of hours delivered and the size of the workforce. Our report typically focuses on homecare for adults.

In the accompanying graphs, we mostly compare trend data over a five-year period. However, analysis of expenditure data for homecare and direct payments is over a longer time period, while we also consider spend in both cash terms and real terms (adjusted for inflation).

For the first time since compiling the Market Overview, we have included a 'Nation comparison' section that directly contrasts metrics between England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, mainly either per person aged 18+ in the population (i.e. 18 and over) or per 10,000 population aged 18+.

Furthermore, we have analysed Office for National Statistics data on the estimated proportion of people in England receiving community care who were self-funders and added a section on the definition of homecare for each data source.

The data contained within this report will interest researchers, journalists, management consultants and organisations who are considering investment, or expansion, in the homecare sector.

You can read the full Market Overview 2024 report below.