12 Jun 2024

Innovative Collaboration: Pioneering Nursing Student Placements in Home Care

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, StellarCare NW is proud to announce an exciting collaborative project (CPEP) between University of Chester, Liverpool John Moores University, Edge Hill University, and University of Liverpool, offering practice placements to its nursing students.

The initiative aims to provide nursing students with hands-on experience in home care, understanding its role and contribution to caring for an older generation with increasingly complex care needs. While nursing student placements in social care settings like nursing homes and day centres are well-established, extending these opportunities into home care represents a groundbreaking initiative. This partnership not only enhances the learning experience for nursing students and care staff, but also significantly benefits our clients, paving the way for the future of nursing care delivery.

The Unique Benefits of Home Care Placements

Home care is rapidly becoming a preferred option for many people, particularly the older generation and those with long term illnesses who wish to receive support in the comfort of their own homes. This shift underscores the importance of preparing nursing students to deliver competent and compassionate care in a home setting. Here’s why home care placements are a game-changer for nursing education:

  1. Personalised Care Experience: Home care settings require nurses to adapt to each client’s unique living situation and personal needs, fostering the development of personalised care plans and enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  2. Holistic Approach: Students are exposed to the complexities of providing care that addresses physical, emotional, and social well-being. They learn to build trusting relationships with clients and their families, essential for effective care delivery.
  3. Autonomy and Responsibility: Working in home care settings often demands a higher degree of autonomy. Nursing students learn to manage their time efficiently, make independent decisions, and take on significant responsibilities early in their careers.
  4. Community Integration: Home care placements help students understand the importance of community resources and support systems, promoting a more integrated approach to health and social care.

Proven Benefits and Broader Impact

The value of pre-registration nursing placements in social care is increasingly recognised by higher education institutions. The Devon Clinical Placement Expansion Programme Report (2020-2023) highlights several key benefits of placement expansion in social care:

  • Multi-Professional Learning Environments: Workplaces become enriched by the diversity of learning experiences.
  • Development of Rounded Practitioners: Experience in social care settings fosters well-rounded practitioners.
  • Support for Integrated Practice: Placements help develop integrated practice within an integrated system.
  • Awareness of Holistic Needs: Students become more attuned to the holistic needs of individuals.
  • Energising the Workforce: Having students on board energises the workforce, creating a dynamic and collaborative learning environment.

Our Comprehensive Programme

StellarCare NW is committed to providing a comprehensive and structured programme for nursing students. The placement journey begins with an induction, followed by regular practice assessor meetings and interviews at key stages (start, mid-term, and endpoint) to ensure continuous assessment and support. Nursing students also can work with a multidisciplinary team, joining healthcare professionals on visits to clients' homes.

Mutual Benefits

This innovative initiative offers mutual benefits for both our clients and the nursing students:

  • For Clients: Clients receive care from enthusiastic, well-trained future nurses who bring fresh perspectives and energy.
  • For Students: Students gain invaluable experience and develop clinical and communication skills, preparing them for a successful career in nursing. They also gain insight into the complex and varied needs of individuals receiving home care.

Shaping the Future of Nursing Care

By showcasing our service to a new generation of nursing professionals, we are not only contributing to their education but also benefitting from their skills, expertise, and knowledge. This practice will lead and influence the future of nursing care delivery, co-producing the social care nursing and nursing associate roles of the future. Our vision is to set a precedent for other healthcare providers and educational institutions to follow, fostering a new generation of nurses’ adept at delivering high-quality home care.

In conclusion, our collaboration with local universities to provide nursing student placements in home care is a pioneering step in nursing education. We are proud to lead this initiative, which promises to enhance the standard of care in our communities and ensure that everyone has access to compassionate, competent support in the comfort of their own homes.

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