16 Feb 2022
by The Homecare Association

Homecare Association responds to record fuel price rises

Fuel prices have reached record levels, adding a further potential worry for homecare providers. 

Reacting to the news, Homecare Association's CEO Dr Jane Townson said: 

"The rising price of fuel is yet another financial burden for homecare workers, some of whom are facing real financial hardship and are reliant on grants from the Careworker’s Charity. Many employers in the state-funded part of the homecare sector are struggling to increase staff wages and payments for mileage as the fee rates they receive from councils and the NHS are inadequate to cover costs, as revealed in the Homecare Association’s Homecare Deficit report.   

Homecare workers collectively drive over 4 million miles per day to provide vital support for older and disabled people in their own homes and access to affordable fuel is critical. Rising fuel prices are another inflationary cost pressure adding to existing financial worries. In a recent survey of our members, three-quarters of respondents said they are concerned or very concerned about the financial viability of their organisation. Margins have never been tighter and for some, staying afloat is a real issue.  

We call on the government to demonstrate its commitment to homecare workers and the people they support, as well as to the environment, by subsidising fleets of electric cars for this essential work. Road pricing adds further to costs and many homecare workers cannot afford new cars which meet low emission standards.  

We welcome the government’s vision for social care, which places home-based support and care at the centre. To turn this vision into reality, homecare needs much greater investment. Investing adequately in homecare helps to enhance quality of life, improve outcomes, take pressure off the NHS and save money for the health and care system."



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