12 Jun 2024

Clients have magical time at Westmorland Homecare social event

Clients had a magical time at the latest social event organised by Westmorland Homecare’s South Lakeland branch, which is based in Kendal, where they were entertained by Manchester magician Chris Hurst.

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Sixteen clients and five members of staff were at The Ruth Pedley Building at Beezon Fields in the town, where they were served tea and coffee, cakes and other treats and were wowed by Chris’s amazing magic tricks.

Westmorland Homecare’s recruitment coordinator Jack Monopoli explained that the company held client social events every quarter.

“It’s an opportunity for our wonderful clients to get involved with the community and enjoy delightful, fun-filled activities,” he said.

“These gatherings are more than just a fun day out—they are a lifeline for many of our clients, providing a crucial opportunity to socialise, make new friends and break free from the isolation that can often accompany ageing or living with health challenges.

“At Westmorland Homecare, we believe in the power of community and the joy of shared experiences. Each social is thoughtfully planned to ensure everyone, regardless of their abilities, can participate and enjoy.”

Jack added that Chris Hurst had brought a touch of wonder to the most recent social event, captivating the audience with his sleight of hand, mind-bending tricks and charismatic presence.

“The performance was not just about the magic - it sparked joy, curiosity and engagement among our clients,” said Jack.

The show was also a ‘bridge to connection,’ he said. “Clients found themselves chatting animatedly about the tricks and sharing their amazement with others. This shared experience fosters a sense of camaraderie and community spirit that is incredibly valuable. For our clients, many of whom are vulnerable or live alone, these moments of interaction and connection are vital.

“Westmorland Homecare client socials are more than just events – they are a celebration of life, community and the simple joys that make every day brighter. We’re proud to bring a little magic into the lives of those we care for and we can’t wait to see what amazing moments the next social will bring.”

Westmorland Homecare provides care to enable vulnerable and often frail people over the age of 18 to live independently in their own home. Its services include homecare, such as help with housekeeping and meal preparation, and personal care, which includes support with medication, dressing, bathing and living life to the full.

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