15 Mar 2024

Care First 24 win Best Home Care Start Up

Care First 24 win ‘Best Home Care Start-Up’ award at the Home Care Awards in Birmingham on the 1st of March 2024.

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Care First 24 are the winners of the ‘Best Home Care Start-Up’ award at the Home Care Awards in Birmingham on the 1st of March 2024.  

This is in recognition of the hard work, dedication, and team ethos that Care First 24 is building, creating a culture for those we care for to have the best possible outcomes.

Care First 24 inception as a new care provider commenced in October 2022. We were in a position to have a core staffing team with over 50 years of domiciliary care service between them, having all previously worked together within the care sector. Care First 24 lives by the ethos that for us ‘care first’ will always be our vision.

This core team was all previous work colleagues who recognised and owned a similar ethos which was delivering excellent patient care. It was this collective care philosophy that persuaded them to join forces to create a unique, bespoke , co produced care provision as part of a new and innovative care provider.  Our team is dedicated to working collaboratively to deliver a high-quality service, putting the service user at the forefront of everything we do.

This new business revolved around creating a culture that all staff and those cared for have the best possible outcomes.  The nurse-led service delivers excellent care through using highly skilled nurses, complex care professionals, support workers, and domiciliary care professionals.  In the short time trading Care First 24 has engaged with over 30 clients and the feedback from them all is excellent scoring over 90% outstanding satisfaction ratings.

We offer a range of services from companionship to complex care and work with our growing client list to ensure that the care in place is of the highest standard, consistently delivered & regularly reviewed

These core themes ensure that we can always improve and tailor the care to the needs of our clients and commissioners.

Personal communication is facilitated through open channels, adopting a culture of transparency and respect. Our commitment extends to career guidance, offering clear pathways for professional advancement within the organisation.

Our business revolves around creating a culture that all staff and those cared for have the best possible outcomes. We are focused on elevating staff well-being, enhancing personal development opportunities, addressing mental health effects, honing effective personal communication, and providing clear career guidance. For the people we care for we are focused on providing the best possible care and providing positive outcomes.

The overarching goal for us is to establish core values that safeguard staff well-being, aiding the routine demands of caregiving. Specifically, our target is to achieve a measurable improvement in the team support landscape, evidenced by:

  • increased employee satisfaction
  • reduced stress levels
  • and elevated engagement.

Through enhanced personal development opportunities, we aim to equip our team with the skills necessary for both current roles and future career progression within Care First 24. 

Our nurse-led service delivers excellent care through using:

  • highly skilled nurses
  • complex care professionals
  • support workers
  • domiciliary care professionals.

Partnership and community engagement stand as cornerstones of Care First 24’s approach. Our efforts extend beyond isolation prevention,facilitating connections with friends, family, and local activities. Moreover, we actively enrich our community through the provision of valuable resources, exemplifying a commitment to reciprocity and social impact.

Feedback received over the short time we have been providing care include:

We have had many compliments here is sample of a few:

“This service is outstanding and revolutionary for us in IDT” 

"When my dad was discharged from hospital in February of this year, It was the care agency who put my mind at ease; the carers go above and beyond, the supervisors were amazing by checking up every week be it by phone or popping in should the carers contact this supervisor and say that things had changed. To sum up this company I would say that they are absolutely amazing."

Put simply, we put Care First, always.

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