14 May 2024

Basingstoke woman in her 90s ‘thrilled’ as CareGiver builds new home for feathered friends

A local woman in her 90s is said to be “overjoyed” after her CareGiver went the extra mile by crafting a bird table for her from scratch.

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Connie, aged 91, who lives with dementia, had enjoyed watching the birds in her garden for over 20 years, but she was left saddened when her bird table was destroyed in a recent storm.

After seeing the disappointment on Connie’s face when she visited her last week, CareGiver Stacey Dolton, returned home and built a new bird table, feeders and all, in under 12 hours.

Stacey, 41, an employee at Right at Home Basingstoke, a local homecare provider, finally completed the last coat of paint at 1am on Friday and presented the table to Connie later that day.

Stacey said: “I could see the disappointment on Connie’s face when she saw that the table she’d owned for 20 years was broken. I knew I could help as I’m a keen carpenter and love taking on new projects in my spare time.

“I felt quite emotional handing the table over and seeing her smile. It made me feel so proud to give someone so much joy, and seeing how excited she was to see the new table in her garden was so heartwarming.”

Connie’s son, Paul, said: “Mum was absolutely thrilled and overjoyed to see her new bird table. It was such a wonderful gesture from Stacey and another example of what makes Right at Home special.

“Stacey went the extra mile for Mum, and we can’t thank her enough.”

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