12 Jun 2024

A Royal Garden Party

Tim Wilson, Managing Director of Assist Care Group, was invited to the Royal Garden Party for services in reducing modern day slavery in the care sector - as well as having afternoon tea at the House of Lords.

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Although both prestigious events, the reasons for attendance are serious: 

Tim is deeply committed to addressing modern-day slavery and staff exploitation, recognising the importance of establishing a fair and level playing field by marginalising unscrupulous practices that prioritise profit over people.

Tim spearheads SoMoS, a programme designed to assist displaced victims in swiftly returning to the workplace. This programme includes collaboration with a diverse group of participants such as the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), Home Care Association (HCA), Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA), Justice & Care, Leigh Day along with other solicitor firms, and facilitated by Borderless. 

The principle underpinning SoMoS is that local authorities fund the re-deployment costs to facilitate the workers' return to employment. This approach is crucial in preventing displaced workers from falling into criminal hands, facing further exploitation, or becoming vulnerable adults reliant on financial support, which would burden Adult Social Care budgets.

SoMoS aims to be cost-neutral by ensuring that re-deployment fees are reimbursed upon successful legal redress through professional indemnity insurance claims. Tim's strategy emphasises fair and equitable trading, avoiding undercutting practices, thereby reducing the incentive for businesses to engage in staff exploitation and fraud to achieve lower rates.

We anticipate a future where competition is based on quality, meeting the outcomes for vulnerable people, and achieving these goals at sustainable and lean rates.

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