Re-targeting in Google display network

What? Showing ads to people who have already interacted with your website or app in some way.

Why? Reconnects with interested users who may not have converted yet, reminding them about your brand and increasing the chance of a sale.

Key skills: Building remarketing audiences, creating eye-catching ads, and optimising the campaign for conversions.

Video (TrueView)

What? A format for online video advertising where viewers can choose to skip the ad after a few seconds, also known as pre-roll.

Why? Engages users with a dynamic video format, tells brand stories, and can be highly targeted to reach specific audiences.

Key skills: Creating effective video ads (scriptwriting, production, editing), structuring TrueView campaigns for different objectives (brand awareness, consideration, etc.), and analysing video ad performance metrics.

Attribution modelling

What? The process of assigning credit for conversions across different touchpoints in a user's journey (e.g., search ads, social media, website visit).

Why? Helps understand which marketing channels are most effective in driving conversions and optimize campaign budgets accordingly.

Key skills: Understanding different attribution models (last click, first click, time-decay, etc.), analysing attribution data in Google Ads and other platforms, and using insights and conversion paths to improve campaign performance.

Campaign expectations

What? Setting realistic goals and objectives for your marketing campaigns, considering factors like budget, target audience, and competitive landscape.

Why? Ensures everyone involved in the campaign is aligned and allows for proper measurement of success.

Key skills: Defining clear campaign goals (e.g., website traffic and leads, etc), setting achievable targets, and communicating expectations to key stakeholders.

Reporting and analysis

What? The process of collecting, analysing, and interpreting data from your Google Ads marketing campaigns to understand performance and identify areas for improvement.

Why? Provides insights into campaign effectiveness, allows for data-driven decision making, and helps optimise campaigns for better results.

Key skills: Using Google Ads reporting tools and other analytics platforms, interpreting key metrics (impressions, clicks, conversions), and translating data into actionable insights.

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