Advanced Social Media Course

This course has been designed to take a close look at social media advertising, monitoring, content, analytics tools and strategies to show you how to gather valuable insight to feedback into your social media activity.
Advertising with Google and Meta - advanced workshop

The Advanced course is ideal for you if you are already comfortable using social media for business or if you have completed the Basic and Intermediate courses, but now you want to learn how to improve your presence and be confident reporting on the impact of your social media activity. During the course, you will be taught how to measure and report on your social media ROI using analytics tools for each of the main platforms. The course will predominantly focus on paid social advertising, best practices and strategies.

This course will empower you with deeper knowledge and understanding of using social media advertising. You will leave the day feeling confident and inspired with your new found knowledge and ability to use social media as a serious business tool.

What will we cover?
  • Benefits of Meta advertising
  • Setting up meta business manager
  • Meta Pixel
  • Payment Details
  •  Domain verification
  • Adding users / permissions
  • Page & Ad Account link
  • Advanced social media paid strategy for recruitmentand customer acquisition
  • Budgeting & Scaling campaigns
  • Ad account structure
  • Reporting & Analytics - how to measure
  • Multi-platform advertising
  • Attribution modelling
  • Q&As
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Your teacher: Josh James-Lucy

With almost a decade of experience of marketing, Josh’s expertise has led him to becoming the UK’s number one healthcare social media specialist, whilst directing a rapidly growing social media agency, Social Media 92.

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Passionate about digital marketing and driving business growth through enhancing online presence and increasing brand awareness, Josh and his team have successfully designed and implemented effective digital marketing and social media campaigns across the care sector, whilst working with some of the UK's largest care organisations.

Social Media 92 are confident in building, cultivating and managing branded online communities across social media platforms.

They are skilled in the healthcare sector after working with some of the UKs & USAs leading providers.


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