02 Dec 2021
by The Homecare Association

Homecare Association CEO Dr Jane Townson was a guest at Walfinch's recent annual conference in Oxford. 

It provided a great opportunity to meet careworkers and senior staff from franchises of one of our oldest provider members. 

Jane also caught up with Neil Eastwood, who leads our ever-popular recruitment workshops.



One of the highlights of the day included this powerful careworker poem, written and read on the day by careworker Danielle.

Each morning I wake, I plan for the day ahead, Have a cup of tea and make my bed.

Leave in plenty of time so I am not late, Arrive with my client, must not make them wait.

Put on my PPE and knock on the door, Wash my hands whilst counting to twenty-four.

Announce my presence before I climb the stairs, I enter their bedroom to let them know I’m there.

Personal care whilst having a catch up, Preparing breakfast making sure I wash up.

Medication given with a fresh glass of water, Asking if they would like to FaceTime their daughter.

Covid is hard, being separated from our families, We are all going through the same similarities.

Going for a walk for a breath of fresh air, Then coming back and brushing their hair.

Make them feel their best even in these hard times, Singing and dancing and making up rhymes.

Baking a cake and cooking a meal, Painting and drawing whatever they feel.

Each client is individual and has different needs, Whatever it is, we are there to meet these.

Support from the management has been the best, Even they all need to have a good rest.

This pandemic has hit everyone hard,  We all must make sure that we are on our guard.

Being a support worker is the most rewarding career, Nothing will stop me whether far or near.

We all work so hard and deserve a break, To relax, unwind and eat lots of cake!

The Day in the life of a Support Worker-1.png

Well done to all the staff at Walfinch for all their efforts on the frontline as always!

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