16 Nov 2023
by Policy, Practice and Innovation Team

We have published our Homecare Deficit Report for 2023, which shows the average fee rates paid for homecare services from across the UK.

This is based on Freedom of Information enquiries submitted to 276 public organisations in the UK about fees paid to independent and voluntary sector providers to deliver homecare services. These organisations included local authorities; Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) in England; Local Health Boards in Wales; Health and Social Care (HSC) Trusts in Northern Ireland; and regional NHS Boards in Scotland.

Shockingly, only 5% of UK public organisations paid the Minimum Price for Homecare calculated by the Homecare Association. This minimum is based on a careworker receiving the National Living Wage in England, and real Living Wage in the devolved administrations. 

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Read our press release for the Homecare Deficit Report, here.

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