• Does your home care business make a positive first impression with potential clients?

  • Have you explored the latest strategies to retain clients effectively?

  • Are you curious about the role of AI and its impact on a human-focused industry?

This webinar aims to give every home care provider the tools to deliver impactful first impressions every time, covering everything from building your online presence to nailing your customer service. We will delve into how home care providers can turn those exceptional first impressions into lasting relationships that balance the need for in-home care and 24/7 client support.

Finally, we will explore the big question facing home care providers today; just how far can AI go in helping you deliver client support and what is the future of human experience in the care industry?

The webinar is led by AnswerConnect and their customer experience experts who have helped numerous organisations across the UK with their customer service and responsiveness. They will share their insights, tips and best practices with you and answer your questions. 

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