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Dementia Summit

Date: 10th September 2024
Location: The King’s Fund, London

What will be the conference focus for 2024?

Last year’s event hosted hundreds of the UK’s care professionals, gathering to hear from the leading influencers and innovators in dementia care. Today, Dementia Summit stands as the premier platform to push for the attention that dementia deserves. Focuses of the conference include:

  • Young Onset Dementia
  •  New Research on Blood Tests for Dementia Risk
  •  Raising the Profile of Dementia Care
  •  New Research on Blood Tests for Dementia Risk
  •  Supporting a Diverse Future for Dementia Care
  •  Supporting the Humanity of People with Dementia & Their Families
  •  Innovation in Dementia Design

Who can you hear from?

Attracting professionals in care from across the sector, this conference hosts a speaker lineup to match. Delegates have the opportunity to hear from key leaders who are ready to share their latest knowledge and research on the trends and challenges facing the sector. Speakers include:

  • Ian Donaghy, also known as ‘Big Ian’. A champion of dementia awareness, set to step into the roles of Conference Chair and Keynote Speaker.
  • Dr Karan Jutla, Head of the Centre for Applied and Inclusive Health Research and Dementia Lead, University of Wolverhampton.  
  • Debbie Abrahams MP, Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia
  • Dr Ashvini Keshavan, Senior Clinical Research Fellow and Honarary Consultant Neurologist, University College London
  • Vanessa Raymont, Senior Clinical Researcher, R&D Director, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

Why should leaders in care attend?

  • Raise Awareness: Create a platform to bring dementia into the spotlight and raise its awareness.
  • Share Knowledge: Disseminate the latest research and expertise to those who can drive impactful change.
  • Offer Practical Solutions: Provide actionable information to improve the quality of dementia care.
  • Elevate the Profile: Highlight the importance of dementia within and beyond the healthcare sector.
  • Foster Connections: Enable leaders in dementia care to connect and support each other.
  • Amplify Voices: Share real-life experiences of those living with dementia to enhance understanding.

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