Costing Model - revised per hour calculator

Welcome to the new home of our Costing Model.

This costing model is designed to assist any provider in the calculation of a fair price for social care services. The model is designed to provide an indication of the rate to be charged and is not indicative of a definitive value. This model is to be used for a guide price only

Please note
  • The cells shaded in yellow are for the input of data. This data is used in calculations and the results are shown in the grey cells.
  • To quickly navigate between the yellow fields please press the 'Tab' key on your keyboard
  • A key with explanations of each of the below sections is beneath the form.
ItemYour Data Cost ££  
Length of Visitminutes
Hourly Rate - Weekday£per hour
Hourly Rate - Weekend£per hour
Bank Holiday premium%

Mileage between visitsmiles
Speed of TravelMPHor Time taken:  minutes
Travel Timeminutes
Break timeminutes

Gross pay including NI and pension

   - NI%
   - pension%

   - holiday pay%
   - training time%
   - sick pay%
   - notice/suspension pay%

Travel Payment per Mile£per mile
Congestion Charge£
Ultra Low Emission Charge£
£Employee Cost

Business Overheads

    Management and supervisors%
    Staff recruitment%
    Training and supervision%
    Apprenticeship levy%
    Statutory registration fees%
    Rent, rates and utilities%
    PPE and consumables%
    Stationery and Postage%
    Cost of finance%


    Business travel%
    Equipment hire%
Other business overheads£Business Cost
Profit/Surplus%£Total Costs
 £Equivalent hourly rate
Length of Visit Enter the commissioned visit time
Hourly Rate - Weekday Enter the basic hourly rate paid, Monday - Friday
Hourly Rate - Weekend Enter the enhanced hourly rate for working weekends.
Bank Holiday Premium The percentage premium of hourly rate for bank holidays.
Mileage between visits Enter the distance between clients. This may be the average distance if required.
Speed of Travel If you know the speed of travel between clients or if not, enter the travel time between clients
Travel Time Enter the time it takes to travel between clients (ony required if you do not know the speed of travel)
Break Time Enter the length of break time


Gross pay including NI and pension (section)

  - NI The percentage premium for National Insurance.
  - pension The percentage premium for employers contribution to pensions.
  - holiday pay The percentage premium for holiday pay.
  - training The percentage premium for training.
  - sick pay The percentage premium for sick leave.
  - notice pay The percentage premium for notice pay.
Travel payment per Mile Enter the rate for travel, per mile.


Staffing, recruitment and training (section)

  - management / office team The percentage premium for management and other office team(s).
  - staff recruitment The percentage premium for recruitment.
  - training costs The percentage premium for staff training.
  - apprenticeship levy The percentage premium for apprenticeships.


Premises, utilities and services (section)

  - rent, rates and utilities The percentage premium for rent, rates and utilities.
  - IT equipment The percentage premium for information technology equipment.
  - telephony The percentage premium for telephony.
  - equipment hire The percentage premium for equipment hire.


Consumables (section)

  - ppe & consumables The percentage premium for ppe and consumables.
  - stationery The percentage premium for stationery overheads.


Professional (section)

  - marketing The percentage premium for marketing.
  - cost of finance The percentage premium for finance.
  - insurance The percentage premium for insurance.
  - legal/professional The percentage premium for legal and professional services.


Other business overheads (section)

  - business travel The percentage premium for business travel.
  - general The percentage premium for all other overheads.




Enter the percentage profit / surplus you require to enable a sustainable business.