09 Jan 2024

Welsh Government report on micro-care services

Following concerns being raised about the increased use of unregulated micro-care provision in Wales the Welsh Government have undertaken some research, speaking to a wide range of stakeholders (including the Homecare Association), into how micro-care services are being used, their benefits and challenges. This research has now been published:

Micro-care services: engagement report [HTML] | GOV.WALES

The report recognises concerns around regulation and training. It also notes the possibilities of outcomes-focused and locality based commissioning of homecare services to support people in new ways.

The Welsh Government conclude that "Ensuring that everyone who is eligible in Wales can receive high quality and safe social care provision is paramount. Based on the engagement we have undertaken it is clear there is a need for Welsh Government to produce policy and good practice principles on working with micro-care services." This is welcome.

There will be further engagement with stakeholders through this process, and we hope to be part of this. If members have thoughts on the report please email [email protected] 

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