10 May 2024
by Policy, Practice and Innovation Team

This week, the Health Service Journal reported that the government is reviewing the Care Quality Commission's new inspection process, called the single assessment framework. Dr Penny Dash, Chair of the North West London Integrated Care Board, is leading the review. CQC subsequently wrote (9 May) to those who receive provider engagement communications:

‘You may have seen reports that the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has commissioned a review that will focus on the effectiveness of our new assessment methodology and how we apply it. DHSC has appointed Dr Penny Dash to lead the review.  

This is a pre-planned assessment which is part of the Cabinet Office Public Bodies Review Programme, which aims to periodically review the governance, accountability, efficacy, and efficiency of existing arm’s-length bodies, including in response to significant changes in approach. The reviews are intended to identify areas in need of improvement and provide tangible recommendations for addressing them. There are over 30 Cabinet Office reviews of public bodies planned for 2024/25. We have been told by DHSC that the Cabinet Office do not publish terms of reference for the Public Bodies Review Programme.

We welcome this review and look forward to working with the appointed team. We recognise how important scrutiny of regulation is to give the public and our stakeholders assurance that the effectiveness of our approach has been independently assessed.’

The Homecare Association continues to engage with CQC about providers’ concerns. These include delays in registration and inspection; issues with the way CQC is now conducting and reporting on inspections; loss of dedicated relationship managers; and technical problems with the provider portal.

CQC has updated its Board on how performance reporting will work in the future. CQC proposes using four key performance objectives on people’s experience, quality of care, safety of care, and health inequalities.

CQC plans to measure organisational business delivery using a balanced scorecard. There is more on this in CQC’s report on performance reporting and annex, which were tabled at CQC’s Board meeting on 27 March.

The Board also considered the findings of the regulator’s biennial People Survey 2024, which took place in early 2024. CQC’s leadership described the results as ‘disappointing’. CQC is to review the outcome and act on staff feedback.

You can watch full video recordings of CQC Board meetings online. Please click here to watch CQC’s March 2024 board meeting.

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