12 Jan 2022
by The Homecare Association

The archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has called for social careworkers to be on a par with the NHS in a recent interview with the Guardian

The leader of the Church of England said: “You start with the value of the human being,” Welby said. “Then you say, ‘what is the consequence of that? [in terms of the care system]’. We did that for the health service. We haven’t done that for social care.”

Speaking about this subject, Homecare Association CEO Dr Jane Townson said: 

"Homecare workers play a vital role in society, enabling us all to live well at home and flourish in our communities.  

We have long campaigned for the government to fund social care adequately so that the needs of older and disabled people are met. Key to this is ensuring that homecare workers are paid fairly for the skilled roles they perform, and at least on a par with equivalent public sector roles.  

We continue to call on the government to walk the talk on “levelling up” and ensure fairness for all. We welcome the government’s vision for social care, which places home-based support and care at the centre. To turn this vision into reality, homecare needs much greater investment. Investing adequately in homecare helps to enhance quality of life, improve outcomes, take pressure off the NHS and save money for the health and care system."

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