14 Dec 2023
by Policy, Practice and Innovation Team

The Homecare Association’s new calculation for the Minimum Price for Homecare in Scotland is £29.35 per hour, effective from April 2024 and based on this new careworker minimum rate.

Our Minimum Price for Scotland is the amount required to ensure careworkers receive this wage (excluding any enhancements for unsocial hours working), their travel time, mileage, and wage-related on-costs. The rate also includes the minimum contribution towards the costs of running a care business, which complies with quality and other legal requirements.

According to our Homecare Deficit 2023, not a single council in Scotland was paying an average rate for homecare at, or above, the Homecare Association’s Minimum Price for Scotland. Furthermore, prices have only increased by 15% since 2021 – the third lowest such rise among the devolved administrations and England’s government regions.

Read the report in full below:

Homecare Association Minimum Price for Homecare - Scotland 2024-2025.pdf


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