05 Jul 2024

Homecare Association looks forward to Labour putting “Home First''

The Homecare Association congratulates the Labour Party on their success in the UK general election.

Labour’s manifesto says they will support people to live well at home. They talk about prevention, technology, national standards, and a stronger regulator. Labour’s Plan to Make Work Pay commits to improving pay and conditions for care workers.

All are proposals the Homecare Association has campaigned for. Details matter; we eagerly await collaborating with the new government to achieve the desired transformation while avoiding unintended consequences.

We call on Labour to walk the talk and:

  • Make "home first" the default option when assessing care needs.
  • Promote partnership working and ensure homecare providers have a voice in Integrated Care Systems.
  • Invest in early support and innovative models of homecare.
  • Support implementation of a comprehensive workforce strategy to attract and retain care workers.
  • Provide sustainable, long-term funding for social care.
  • Ensure commissioning for value and outcomes rather than price.
  • Strengthen regulation to drive up standards and stamp out poor and illegal practice.

CEO of the Homecare Association, Dr Jane Townson OBE, said:

Caring is in our DNA as humans. It's how we've thrived as a species. But now we need a care revolution. With a quarter of us set to be over 65 in just a decade, we must confront the realities of our ageing population - and fast.

"We're not just talking about tweaking the system. We need a complete transformation. Yes, we'll harness AI and robots, but let's not forget the irreplaceable human touch. We need smart tech and even smarter policies.

"Labour now has the chance to rewrite the rules of care. Let's create a system that's as innovative as it is compassionate, as efficient as it is empathetic. Supporting people at home must be at the heart of government policy.