14 May 2024

The Homecare Association welcomes the Local Government Association's new report, reflecting on the 10 years since Royal Assent of the Care Act 2014.

Commenting on the report, Dr Jane Townson OBE, CEO of the Homecare Association said:

“The Care Act 2014 aimed to transform adult social care by focusing on prevention, personalised support and wellbeing. While its principles were sound, the system has lacked the investment and policy architecture needed to realise its ambitions.

Historic underfunding, an over-emphasis on cost rather than outcomes, and a failure to develop the workforce have hampered the Act's implementation. This has led to growing unmet need, unstable markets, and immense strain on unpaid carers.

To reset the system and unlock the Act’s full potential, we need a bold shift to outcomes-based commissioning; fees that reflect the true costs of care, a comprehensive workforce strategy; genuine partnership between commissioners and providers; and tougher action on unacceptable practice. Backed by significant extra funding, these changes could finally deliver on the Care Act's promise. The 10th anniversary must be a catalyst for long-overdue reform."



Maya Parchment, Policy Specialist

Email - [email protected]

Mobile number - 07393 012 113

Notes to editors

  1. The Homecare Association is the UK’s membership body for homecare providers, with over 2,200 members nationally. Our mission is to ensure that homecare receives the investment it deserves, so all of us can live well at home and flourish within our communities. The Homecare Association acts as a trusted voice, taking a lead in shaping homecare, in collaboration with partners across the care sector. It also provides hands-on support and practical tools for its members. The Homecare Association's members agree to abide by the Association's Code of Practice.

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