28 Mar 2024
by Policy, Practice and Innovation Team

Ian Trenholm, Chief Executive of the Care Quality Commission has published a blog, reflecting on provider feedback after the roll out of the new regulatory approach.

Ian said: “Our ambition for the new assessment approach is to use the data we collect more effectively to enable us to more frequently update our view of quality across services and systems. It will give people who receive care and providers a clear view of the quality of care being delivered and areas for improvement.”

The blog also outlines examples of where changes have already been made based on the feedback given, areas include: quality statements, frequency of assessments, relationships with providers, clarity of guidance and the new provider portal.

From today the existing provider portal will move to read-only, meaning users are not able to make changes or send CQC new information. Users have until the end of March to login and download their data. Instructions are available here.

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