19 Oct 2023

Carers UK releases their 'State of Caring' report on the impact of care on finances

Carers UK have released their new report on the State of Caring 2023, looking at the impact of caring on finances. 


CEO of the Homecare Association, Dr Jane Townson OBE, commenting on Carers UK ‘State of Caring 2023’ said:

’The Homecare Association is concerned by the research findings in Carers UK’s new State of Caring Report. Their report highlights the financial difficulties that informal carers are facing. Many are cutting back on essentials and struggling to make ends meet.

Over 10 million people provide informal, unpaid care at home to their loved ones. This reduces demand for over-stretched care and health services. Some also receive support from professional homecare workers, which helps them to keep going. Many, however, struggle on their own.

Inadequate investment from the government has led to high and rising levels of unmet need. Age UK estimates that 1.6 million people have unmet needs for care and support. This drives people to give up their jobs to help family and friends. Not only can this have a negative impact on their own financial, physical and mental health, it also restricts the labour force and economic growth.

If informal care breaks down, it could add to the pressures on families, councils and the NHS this winter. It’s thus more important than ever that the government supports informal carers financially and in other ways.

Homecare workers work closely with informal carers to improve lives. We want the government to provide lasting financial support for the social care workforce and unpaid carers.”