05 Jul 2021

'15' campaign

In July 2021 we launched the ‘15’ campaign in Northern Ireland with the Independent Health & Care Providers (IHCP). The campaign was dedicated to ending 15-minute visits and fee rates of £15 per hour, which led to unacceptably low pay rates for homecare workers in Northern Ireland.

The campaign called for:

  • An end to £15 per hour rates for homecare in NI.
  • An end to 15-minute visits for older people NI currently has the highest level of 15-minute visits in the UK (over 30 per cent in Northern Ireland compared with 3.5 per cent in England);
  • Ensuring stability for the sector with fair contracts and fair rates.

The Minister for Health, Mr Robin Swann MLA, has stated repeatedly that homecare workers deserve to be appropriately remunerated for their work, but the rates offered make this impossible. The 34 pence per hour increase meant most homecare workers would continue to be paid at or just above the National Living Wage, despite the demands thrust upon them in their work.

What we did

We organised a petition calling on the Minister for Health and respective Trust CEOs to reconsider their position. 

'15' campaign calls for fairness for all in independent homecare in Northern Ireland



What happened

In November 2021, Minister Swann unveiled a one-off support package of up to £23 million for homecare and social care services in Northern Ireland. Consequently, HSC Trusts have been able to uplift their rates for providers to a new minimum of £18 per hour.

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