Media Masterclass 2: How to manage your reputation and avoid bad press

Our practical masterclass will give you the confidence you need to engage journalists and articulate your story in a way that helps to minimise the risk of your words being misinterpreted.
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Have you ever had to hand back a contract or close a service and cope with unhappy family members going to the media? Have you faced an unfavourable inspection from a regulator? Have you experienced a safeguarding incident that has unnecessarily escalated out of control? What if a careworker has behaved inappropriately and their co-worker has decided to publicly share details of this on social media? These are situations even the very best care providers may face.

Following on from the success of our first media masterclass ‘How to confidently handle the media and deliver a positive message’, we are offering another practical masterclass in our media series.  This event covers risk and reputation management, focusing on how to handle communications proactively to avoid making a difficult situation worse and hopefully to turn it round.  

Using relevant case studies we will explore:

  • Definition of risk and reputation management
  • What leads to a risk and how to avoid it
  • Different types of crisis 
  • How to avoid an organisational issue or challenge becoming a crisis
  • Crisis communications and why you should speak to the media
  • Whether and how to respond to negative online reviews that impact reputation

The masterclass is hosted by Dave Mason, Managing Director of Mentor Media Training. Dave has an extensive journalistic career spanning 30 years in television and radio and helps organisations to address their media and reputational challenges.  He will use practical and relevant examples to demonstrate best practice approaches to managing your reputation and avoiding a crisis.