15 Nov 2023
by Policy, Practice and Innovation Team

ADASS have published Part 2 of their Autumn Survey which shows further savings to council budgets mean social care leaders will have to make tough decisions and people may struggle to get the care and support they need this winter.

At least a third of adult social care leaders in England need to find another £83.7 million of cuts, on top of the £806 million in savings directors across England committed to make in their budgets this year.

The survey of directors revealed an 8% increase to waiting lists with 470,000 people in England waiting for care, a direct payment or for their care needs to be assessed as we head into winter.

This research was published on the same day as our Homecare Deficit 2023 report, which showed only 5% of UK public organisations paid the Minimum Price for Homecare calculated by the Homecare Association

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