26 Nov 2021
Closing date: 19 Jan 2022

Workforce: recruitment, training & retention in social care

The House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee are holding an enquiry into recruitment, training and retention in health and social care.

They are looking to understand reasosns for staff leaving the sector and how to tackle this. 

The main topics covered will include exploration of:

  • What are the main steps that must be taken to recruit the extra staff that are needed across the health and social care sectors in the short, medium and long-term?
  • What is the correct balance between domestic and international recruitment of health and social care workers in the short, medium and long term?
  • What changes could be made to the initial and ongoing training of staff in the health and social care sectors in order to help increase the number of staff working in these sectors?
  • What are the principal factors driving staff to leave the health and social care sectors and what could be done to address them?
  • Are there specific roles, and/or geographical locations, where recruitment and retention are a particular problem and what could be done to address this?
  • What should be in the next iteration of the NHS People Plan, and a people plan for the social care sector, to address the recruitment, training and retention of staff?
  • To what extent are the contractual and employment models used in the health and social care sectors fit for the purpose of attracting, training, and retaining the right numbers of staff with the right skills?
  • What is the role of integrated care systems in ensuring that local health and care organisations attract and retain staff with the right mix of skills?

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The deadline for evidence submissions is 19 January.

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