04 May 2022

Update to COVID guidance in England

We, alongside others in the sector, have provided feedback on the revised Infection Prevention and Control Guidance. In response to this, the COVID-19 supplement to the infection prevention and control resource for adult social care has been updated.

Key changes include: 

  • Adaptation of staff guidance for expanded symptom list: there were concerns about staff needing to stay off work and take additional tests whenever they had a sore throat or lack of energy. The guidance has been amended to: “Anyone who has symptoms of a respiratory infection [see list in guidance document] and has a high temperature, or anyone who has symptoms of a respiratory infection and does not feel well enough to work is advised to stay at home...”
  • A section on live-in care has been added to the guidance. This allows greater discretion on the use of PPE for domestic duties. Live-in care workers are advised to start testing the week before they move into a placement.
  • The guidance has been clarified to show that sessional use of masks applies to communal care settings only.
  • Updated the list of aerosol-generating procedures (AGPs). Also updated to clarify that when undertaking an AGP on a person who is suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 or another infection spread by the airborne or droplet route, a full-face visor (which covers the eyes, nose and mouth area) is needed, if the FFP3 mask is not fluid resistant.

You can read the guidance in full here.

If you have ongoing systemic issues with the guidance, please let us know at [email protected]

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