15 Nov 2023
by Policy, Practice and Innovation Team

There are currently just over two million people in the UK living with sight loss.

The charity Guide Dogs is raising awareness of the important life skill that is sighted guiding, to increase the number of people trained across the UK.

This would help create a more inclusive society and ensure that services and support are as accessible as they can be.

Guide Dogs and a number of partners across the sight loss sector provide Sighted Guide training.

Free virtual sessions are delivered via Microsoft Teams, and last approximately an hour.  There are approximately three sessions a week at various times during the day.

 The sessions look at the following areas:

  • How to start a conversation when you meet someone who is blind or partially sighted. 
  • The confidence to ask someone if they need assistance. 
  • Basic guiding techniques for getting around obstacles, crossing roads and getting in and out of cars. 
  • An introduction to common eye conditions and their impact. 
  • Awareness of access rights and barriers to independence. 

These sessions are open to participants aged 18 and over, to learn basic guiding techniques for adults with sight loss. 

People can sign up via the following link Introduction to Sighted Guide Training | Guide Dogs UK

Guide Dogs also offer bespoke training, Friends and Family Sighted Guide Training, and group training: Friends and Family | Sighted Guide Training | Guide Dogs UK.


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