22 Nov 2021
by Carole Broughton

Nowhere else to turn - exploring high intensity use of A&E services

Research by the British Red Cross on accident and emergency services has found that some people are ending up at A&E in England more than 300 times in a year, with complex and varied reasons behind repeat attendance.

Amounting to less than 1% of the English population, the repeat attendees have a real impact on emergency services.  They represent 16% of attendances, 29% of ambulance journeys and 26% of admissions, costing the NHS around £2.5bn per year.

The British Red Cross has called for more dedicated ‘High Intensity Use’ teams, improved access to community-based support, to prevent people reaching crisis point, and action to address health inequalities and wider determinants that affect people’s health.

Nowhere else to turn. Exploring high intensity use of A&E services 

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