27 May 2022
by The Homecare Association

Impact of increased fuel costs on homecare workers raised in Parliament

Labour MP Jessica Morden raised the impact of increased fuel costs on domiciliary care workers and recruitment in Parliament this week.  She discussed the topic in a written question and a Westminster Hall debate on an e-petition which had received over 100,000 signatures calling for a 40% cut to fuel duty for the next two years to counter the rising cost of motor fuel.

The MP highlighted the views of the domiciliary care workers she met recently in Newport East and explained that, collectively, care workers drive more than 4 million miles a day* to care for the vulnerable in our communities.  She explained that careworkers fear they may have to leave the profession because the cost of fuel is making it difficult for them to get to work, adding to the recruitment crisis in care.

*The Homecare Association's survey on fuel costs and homecare in March this year stated that collectively, homecare workers across the UK are estimated to travel more than 4 million miles per day (homecare visits per day across the UK estimated at 1.5 million, with an average 2.9 miles travelled per visit). Given a high proportion of these visits are by car, fuel costs are significant, particularly in rural areas.  

We found that an overwhelming 92% of respondents were either concerned or very concerned about the effect of the rise in fuel costs on the financial viability of their company.

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