01 Oct 2021
by The Homecare Association

Homecare Association Comprehensive Spending Review Representation 2021

Homecare Association's Representation for the 2021 Comprehensive Spending Review:

The homecare sector is not sustainably funded and cannot absorb further costs. 70% of the sector’s income is from the public sector and 87% of commissioners are paying less than the minimum rate we believe is required for basic compliance with regulations. Staff shortages are the worst anyone can remember at a time when demand is increasing. Poor pay and terms and conditions are limiting workforce capacity. This is closely linked to commissioners paying unsustainable rates.

Based on data from commissioners, obtained via Freedom of Information Act enquiries, we believe that in excess of £1.7 billion p.a. would be required to supplement commissioners’ rates across the UK to allow homecare providers to pay competitive

Infection Control and PPE costs must continue to be met. Delivery costs will rise in 2022/23 due to national insurance and wage increases, and high inflation and insurance costs. 

The Government must meet the costs of proposed reforms and not rely on the sector to fund these. Vaccination as a condition of deployment (VCOD) requires an impact assessment and must be adequately funded. We strongly support vaccination of the  workforce, but advise against VCOD due to the risk of a 20% reduction in workforce capacity.