28 Mar 2022
Closing date: 01 Apr 2022

Consultation on operational guidance to implement a lifetime cap on care costs closes 1 April

The Department of Health and Social Care's consultation on the operational guidance drafted for local authorities to implement the care cost cap that was announced last year closes on 1 April. 

The consultation is available here.

The consultation asks what including:

  • what counts towards the cap;
  • whether the guidance is workable;
  • how people progress towards the cap;
  • what happens if they move to a different local authority area;
  • needs assessments for self-funders;
  • what happens when self-funders ask local authorities to meet their needs under section 18(3) of the Care Act;
  • how the Government, local authorities can providers can make the introduction of section 18(3) as smooth as possible;
  • how care accounts will be managed;
  • dispute resolution;
  • whether local authorities have the flexibility, capacity, IT systems etc. to implement the guidance.


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