25 Nov 2021

£23 million support package for care in Northern Ireland

Last night, the Health Minister in Northern Ireland announced that there would be a £23 million support package for the social care sector. 

The funding is intended to allow providers to offer improved rates of pay for the workforce.

This is a short term solution for the remainder of 2021/22. The Minister has recognised that "A longer-term solution is self-evidently needed, involving multi-year budgets and a durable financial settlement... I will very shortly be launching a public consultation on the future of adult social care."

The Homecare Association has previously campaigned for an end to £15 per hour rates for homecare in Northern Ireland. Our Homecare Deficit report showed that (prior to this announcement) commissioners in Northern Ireland were paying the lowest rate of any region in the UK at an average of £15.76 per hour.

For more information, please visit the Department of Health website.

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