As a homecare provider sadly, there may come a time when you need to provide an investigation report about the death of someone you provided care for. A coroner can request this information and your report must be clear, accurate and detailed. In this webinar Anthony Collins Solicitors will help you understand how this information may be used and what you can expect if you are asked to give evidence.  

A coroner’s inquest can be both difficult and stressful and preparation will be key. Much of this anxiety can come from lack of knowledge about the process and what will be expected from you. To help you prepare Tim Coolican and Lorna Kenyon-Pain from Anthony Collins Solicitors will be delivering webinar training - Introduction to inquests. The webinar will cover common ways in which a homecare provider is likely to be involved in an inquest, and what you need to know. The webinar will cover:  

  • the purpose of an inquest  
  • what happens during an internal investigation   
  • top tips on preparing an investigation report  
  • your professional and legal obligations  
  • safeguarding implications  
  • how to prepare yourself  
  • what will be the likely conclusions   
  • the risk of ‘Reports for the Prevention of Future Deaths’.