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As the leading authority in all matters related to home-based care in the UK, the Homecare Association is a highly respected resource for researchers.

We have a team of experts, a growing membership of over 2,300 homecare providers, and strong relationships with the government, regulators, and other stakeholders.

It’s no wonder we hold valuable data, statistics, insights and information anyone researching the UK homecare market could ever need.

A detailed summary of facts and figures about homecare sector across the UK in our Market Overview.

Workforce statistics and analysis.

In-depth information and analysis of different types of funding.

Overview of the regulators and their priorities.

Updates on Consultations.

Sector developments, updates, and news.

Our public comment on current issues in our press releases.

Information about our campaigns and access to Open Letters.

The majority of this information is freely available on our website, (although some is solely for our member organisations) and we are delighted to be able to share our expertise and market knowledge with interested parties.

Our services are in high demand, so, unfortunately, we do not provide the following services.
  • Arrange interviews or other contact with our member organisations or their staff.
  • Detailed analysis or telephone support to independent consultants or non-member organisations (a limited amount of support is available to national charities and think-tanks).
  • Circulate or promote surveys to our member organisations or their workforce.
  • Sell or provide mailshot information or email addresses in spreadsheet or database format.